Hoffer Flow Controls has introduced the Transi-Flo I, a new AC powered ultrasonic flowmeter designed to provide accurate measurement of conductive, non-conductive, and aggressive liquids. The Transi-Flo I uses transit time technology to measure the difference in the waves traveling in and against the fluid flow direction.

The Transi-Flo I is available in single and dual beam configurations. System accuracy is +/- 1% using single beam or +/-.5% using dual beam. The unit’s display provides rate and total, and can be integrally mounted on the flowmeter or positioned remotely. The Transi-Flo I ultrasonic flowmeter is best suited for applications in pure water, sea water, wash water, sewage, process liquids, oils, chemicals or any homogeneous liquids which are capable of ultrasonic wave propagation.

The Transi-Flo I is available in sizes from 1-1/4 to 12 in.