Colmac Coil Manufacturing has released its high-efficiency, low noise evaporator alternative, the AI Aircoil™ product line. Catalog ratings are available in both IP and SI units.

Colmac AI Aircoil™ evaporators are specifically designed for efficient operation in liquid overfeed (pumped), DX, or brine systems, with any refrigerant (ammonia, CO2, halocarbons, glycols, etc.). Tubes are 5/8” OD, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper. Standard cabinet/casing material is corrosion resistant galvanized steel. Fans are individually compartmented with continuous tube sheets to permit fan cycling. AI evaporators may be ceiling or floor mounted.

Fins are continuous plate type with a proprietary surface configuration that produces maximum heat transfer with minimum air pressure drop. The low air pressure drop combined with high efficiency fans results in a 30% reduction in fan power compared to conventional coil designs, the company says. The increased energy efficiency of AI fans is also accompanied by reduced noise levels, making this new design ideal for occupied work rooms and noise-sensitive areas of your facility, according to Colmac.

The AI Aircoil™ design utilizes a high ratio of secondary (fin) to primary (tube) surface area which results in extended run time. In many cases, runtime between defrosts can be doubled compared to coil designs having smaller secondary to primary surface ratios. This reduced number of defrosts per day translates directly to less energy wasted on defrost and more consistent room temperatures.

These AI Aircoil™ design features combine to save energy while allowing you to keep running your process longer between defrosts, all saving you money, Colmac says. For additional information, please visit the Colmac Coil AI Aircoil™ Evaporator web page: