Triatek, a manufacturer of airflow, lighting and HVAC products, has introduced a low profile version of the already well received, flush mount, stainless steel FMS-1650-F. Because of the shallow controller chassis, this flush mounted isolation room controller is ideal for scenarios or walls that cannot accommodate a standard depth controller like the FMS-1650-F or for those customers who desire a different look that a surface-mounted controller offers like the FMS-1650-S.

Measuring only .625 in. deep, the FMS-1650-T can be installed on any wall using the included mounting bracket. Additionally, since the full color touch screen unit is mounted flush to the wall, concerns with people accidentally hitting the unit while walking past are eliminated. Like the FMS-1650-F, the FMS-1650-T simultaneously displays pressure, temperature, humidity and air changes on one screen thereby making it easier to discern the room’s state. Furthermore, its “at a glance” room status indicator provides the user basic room status information through the color coded background of the screen itself. Not only does the touch screen provide information more easily to the users, it is also easier to operate through the on screen navigation made possible by the touch screen.

When coupled with an external pressure sensor, the unit itself is capable of providing accurate pressure readings or flow down to as low as 0.0001 in. H2O. Control outputs based on measured inputs utilize fully programmable control loops, thereby eliminating the need for a separate controller. Ideal for hospitals, laboratories, transplant facilities, and research centers, the FMS-1650-T provides facility managers more flexibility than ever for placing room controllers.