United Air Specialists' SFC downflow cartridge dust collector produces green savings and a greener environment with a patented filter cleaning system that combines with nanofiber filter cartridges and an optimized cabinet design to deliver high air cleaning efficiency, with low energy use. The SFC uses MERV 15 filter cartridges - which are one of the most efficient in the industry - as standard. These Protura® Nanofiber filters are highly efficient on particles in the 0.3 to 1 micron size range, making the system ideal for a wide range of processes, including bulk powders handled in the food and pharmaceutical industries, weld fume, graphite, plastic, fiberglass, silica, talc and toner. The patented filter cleaning system and nanofiber cartridge filters allow SFC systems to be designed with higher air-to-media ratios, which may reduce the size of the collector for savings in floor space.

The SFC's green design begins with its patented filter cleaning system, which combines with easier-to-clean and highly efficient nanofiber filter cartridges to drastically reduce the frequency of pulsing and related compressed-air consumption. The pulse-type filter cleaning system uses optimized nozzle spacing and venturi design to produce significantly greater pulse cleaning energy for better cleaning over the entire length of the filter with fewer pulses. The filter cleaning system helps companies save energy in two ways: fewer pulses minimize use of compressed air (and wear on the filters and), while more efficient cleaning enables the system to operate at low static pressure over the long term.

Protura® Nanofiber filter cartridges, independently tested and rated at MERV 15 (based on ASHRAE 52.2-2007), are one of the highest of any standard cartridge used in industrial dust collection – nearly 50% more efficient than MERV 13 filters on submicron dusts. The nanofiber layer enhances energy efficiency and cleanability by capturing the particulate on the cartridge surface, preventing penetration into the substrate layer, which leads to increased pressure drop and energy use. With dust captured on the surface layer, the cartridges are easier to clean, reducing the frequency of energy-wasting pulse cleaning and extending filter life. Nanofiber technology provides as much as double the filter life of commodity filters and significantly reduces replacement costs, according to the manufacturer.

The SFC's optimized cabinet design helps extend cartridge life by increasing the space between cartridges and sidewalls to allow lower air velocities in the collector for reduced cartridge abrasion. As part of the cabinet design, cartridges are supported on external tracks rather than internal yokes, leaving a clear path for the cleaning pulse airflow to ensure highest cleaning effectiveness.

Energy savings and filter life can be maximized with an optional Digital Pressure Control (DPC) for need-based, rather than time-based pulse cleaning. The DPC triggers filter cleaning when differential pressure in the collector reaches a high point selected by the operator. This smarter way of cleaning cuts the number of pulses and compressed air used to the minimum needed, further reducing energy use and wear on the filter.

Built rugged with a heavy gauge cabinet and powder-coated finish, SFC collectors are rated for 100 mph wind load and seismic zone 4.

-- United Air Specialists