Davis Instruments now offers the latest in two-line intelligent panel meter technology. The Red Lion’s PAX2A is designed for applications in which two parameters need to be visualized at the same time, such as reading a flow rate through a pipeline while totalizing the gallons, or indicating the temperature of an oven while displaying the set point value.

The unit’s main LCD offers three programmable colors―red, orange and green―so users can easily identify process control variables. The input, total, min, max or set points can be displayed on the 0.7"-high 6-digit display. The color change can be tied to the set points that will provide a visual display of changing conditions in the application. The second display line, a 0.35"-high 9-digit, green LCD, offers the same programmability. The 9-digit display allows for totalizing application that easily exceeds the normal 6-digit displays. In addition to the dual displays, the meter offers a 3-digit programmable mnemonic cue, allowing users to add identification to the display value.

The meter accepts DC currents, DC voltages, process signals, thermocouples and RTD temperature sensors, and offers a universal power input as well.

-- Davis Instruments