QA Graphics has release its BAS Image Module which allows users to easily create high-end system graphics within the Niagara AX platform.

QA Graphics has developed a BAS Image Module which Niagara AX users can rely on to build better graphics within their BAS software. The BAS Image Module provides users with both static and pre-built animated images. The new BAS Image Module is offered in conjunction with QA Graphics’ commercial version of their 3D Symbol Library v3.0 for Niagara AX, to provide more appealing and realistic graphics than provided by default with the Niagara AX platform.

The library and module function smoothly within Niagara AX, allowing the user to build their graphics, pull in the pre-built animations, and bind the points and animations. The module can be opened though Niagara AX’s palette sidebar, similar to the existing graphics provided with Niagara AX, where the user can drag and drop the symbols onto their canvas, making the process of assembling high-end graphics simpler and faster. QA Graphics has also developed a resource that shows users how to build their own Image Module within Niagara AX to use with the 3D Symbol Library. This free resource is available at: “Our company provides extensive graphic outsourcing for the building automation industry, so we understand the time and skill needed to develop system graphics,” said Russell Zimmerman, vice president of operations/engineering at QA Graphics. “We are always looking for ways to help our customers, and we’re excited to announce this new BAS Image Module because we know it will help simplify the graphic development process, saving them time and money.”

The 3D Symbol Library provides the equipment and components needed to consistently assemble high-end system graphics, allowing users to spend less time assembling 3D BAS graphics and 3D HVAC graphics and further distinguish themselves in the market. The library offers a competitive advantage within the building automation industry. With over 280 static and 85 animated graphics, the symbols can be used to create most major mechanical systems. Key symbols include boilers, chillers, dampers, filters, piping, fans, cooling towers, generators, valves, ductwork, coils, and more. Users can continually provide high-end system graphics and represent mechanical control drawings in a schematic, graphical view.

-- QA Graphics