Airtec Products Corp. now offers the EZ Trap® UltraSwitch Model EZT-356, a self-evacuating overflow cut-off switch with an integral mini pump to help prevent property damage from condensate drain pan overflows on commercial A/C units.

When connected to an A/C unit’s overflow outlet with a connecting 1-in. dia PVC fitting, the EZT-356 senses a rise in potential property-damaging condensate levels caused by a blocked outlet. Blocked drain pans are evacuated at a rate of two gal/30-sec by the heavy-duty 24-V integral Aspen pump, which was designed exclusively for the patented EZT-356.

Most mechanical overflow switches use a float switch mechanism and only momentarily deactivate the A/C in situations of partially blocked drains.

Conversely, the EZT-356 uses stainless steel electronic probes to sense rising condensate levels. The EZT-356 deactivates the A/C while the integral mini pump evacuates the excess condensate into its own 3/16-in. vinyl tubing drain line. The pump remains live as a second line of defense for instances such as a deactivated A/C’s iced coil, which can potentially thaw and overflow a blocked drain pan. To reactivate the A/C, a reset button on the EZT-356 must be manually pressed-usually by a service tech who would typically investigate and clear the blockage.

The status of the system is clearly indicated at all times by a green/red LED located on the EZT-356’s pump.

Other overflow switch brands can reactivate the air conditioner once the condensate level recedes without signaling a partial blockage, which will simply repeat the cycle and potentially lead to mold, mildew, and other IAQ problems.
  • For rare cases of an A/C with no overflow outlet, the EZT-356 can be combined with most EZ Trap condensate models via a one-inch-diameter cross fitting in the condensate drain line.
  • The EZT-356 can switch any voltage from 24-V to 230-V at 5-amps.
  • Capacity is 3.7-g/hr at 0 head to 0.8-g/hr at 26-ft head.
  • An integral 15-sec delay prevents false alarms.
  • ETL-approved
  • Three-year-warranty.
  • Quiet operation of 21-dB.
  • Stable operation in environments ranging from 20°F to 160°.
The EZ Trap features a transparent and easily cleanable PVC condensate trap in both standard “P” trap configuration and true “waterless” configurations that provide the benefits of a trap without the presence of standing water. All EZ Trap products comply with the longstanding Uniform Mechanical Code that mandates a condensate drain line trap.