The TDC-BH features one internal humidity sensor, one external NTC temperature sensor input, and two binary outputs (relays).

For humidifying and dehumidifying with fan support option. Humdity sensing element is replaceable for long-term unit service life. Detailed application-specific set-up is possible with the use of a simple on-board paramter setting routine. TDC-BH can be configured using the standard operation terminal. No special tools or software are required. Features include
  • Large LCD.
  • Energy savings with economy/comfort modes, set point limitations.
  • External sensor input for humidity set point setback based on outdoor temperature - helps prevent condensation.
  • Display of external temperature input in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Password protected programmable user and control parameters.
  • Access control for setpoints and mode change.
  • Access control for clock and time programs.
  • Selectable display contents.
  • Selectable behavior after return from power failure.
  • Parameters and set points are memorized and do not need to be reentered after power failure.
  • Available with clock and time schedule functions.
  • 48 hour super capacitor battery backup. Time does not need to be re-entered after a power failure.