To help companies optimize their work environments, Trane commercial introduced the Performance Climate Changer™ air handler. It is designed for buildings such as healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, universities, and office buildings. It also meets the strictest of industry standards with tested, proven performance.

The Performance Climate Changer air handler was designed to deliver superior performance with industry leading energy efficiency, system optimization, and highest quality, all at a lower installed cost. Not only does it provide customers with the optimal system to clean, filter, dehumidify, heat and cool buildings; it also has a flexible design that readily adapts to changing needs, tight mechanical rooms, renovations, and retrofits.

Performance Climate Changer air handlers can be applied with water chillers in a low-flow, low temperature HVAC system design, which helps reduce emissions, lowers first cost and operating cost, and provides better comfort with lower space humidity.

“Today more than ever, businesses are challenged to provide the safest, highest quality indoor environment, while also reducing costs and their carbon footprint,” said Gina Cottrell, Americas airside business leader, Trane commercial business. “The Performance Climate Changer air handler can help meet that challenge.”

As buildings age, usage and loads change, new technology emerges and codes and standards are revised, the Trane Performance Climate Changer air handler’s flexible design allows it to adapt to those changes and continue providing customers with the comfort, quality, and dependability they require.