DRI-STEEM® announces their new High-Pressure Atomizing System, which delivers high-quality, industrial-grade humidification suitable for a variety of applications. The system’s high-pressure pump propels purified, unheated water past a small turbine inside each dispersion nozzle. This fragments water droplets into ultra-fine particles that quickly absorb in warm air-handler airstreams or open spaces.

Key benefits include:
  • Energy-efficient humidification. DRI-STEEM’s High-Pressure Atomizing System uses heat already present in air to evaporate evenly-distributed water droplets. In warm, dry applications, atomization is the most energy-efficient humidification system.
  • Reduces cooling load. As atomized water droplets are absorbed (evaporation), air temperature drops, reducing the cooling load. This provides significant energy savings when cooling and humidifying simultaneously.
  • Reduces water waste. The system’s advanced controller monitors multiple conditions to modulate and control nozzle operation. This optimizes absorption and minimizes water waste.