Specified Technologies Inc. has introduced a new firestop grommet designed to permanently seal single cable penetrations through fire-rated walls. The new SpecSeal® Ready® Firestop Grommet eliminates the need for sleeves, sealant and putty, which can be time consuming, expensive and messy. Requiring no special tools, the two-piece grommet snaps together quickly around the cable and locks tightly into the wall. The cable is smoke-sealed and firestopped in minutes with no sleeve, sealant or putty required. The result is a savings of both time and money, and added overall safety for people and buildings.

Molded from Ultem®, a premium grade plenum-rated polymer, the grommet has an integral fire and smoke-sealing-foam inner core that conforms to the cable to form a tight seal. Designed for single membrane or through-penetrations, the grommet provides up to 2-hour ratings in gypsum board/stud wall assemblies and can be used with new or previously installed cables. The grommet has superior air leakage ratings and is red in color for easy identification and inspection. And, because it has no shelf life, it is always ready to use.

The Ready Firestop Grommet is UL® Classified, and tested and approved to meet the exacting criteria of ASTM E814 (UL1479) and CAN/ULC S115. It is designed to seal single low voltage cables with max 0.27 inch (7 mm) OD or multiple smaller cables within this range.