Cemline Corporationis proud to announce the introduction of solar water heaters to its product line. The Solar Water Heaters are a perfect ‘green’ energy alternative using a high efficiency plate heat exchangers, solar controller, and are factory packaged units. These units are versatile as well, in that they can be used independently using energy from an external solar collector or as a dual energy source unit. Cemline can provide the additional heating source using boiler water, steam, or electric as a secondary energy supply for situations where solar energy is either lacking or unavailable. The solar water heater uses a double walled brazed plate heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer between the solar and domestic waters.

Cemline Solar Water Heaters are completely packaged, ready for use and require only connection to services. The Solar Water Heaters are available in a variety of storage tank volumes from 120 to 680 gal with the ability to heat up to 2,500,000 Btuh of hot water.