Space-Ray has expanded its line of unitized low-intensity gas-fired infrared tube heaters and now offers 19 different heaters in more than 100 configurations.

The expansion enhances Space-Ray’s capability to custom design a radiant heating system that meets precise facility requirements for optimum flexibility, economy, and maximum energy efficiency.    Available in both natural and propane gas, the new ETS/ETU Series Low-Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters now range in capacity from 40,000 to 250,000 Btu/hr and have unique features not found on many competitive units.  System lengths vary from 15 to 80 ft., depending on the model selected.

The ETS Series Tube Heaters are available in multiple configurations including straight, L-Shape, Expanded U-Shape or Z-Shape and are ideal to meet complete building heating requirements.  For added versatility, 90° elbows corner reflectors and side reflectors are available for close mounting near walls, doors and corners.  In contrast, the ETU Series Tube Heaters come in seven different configurations and provides more uniform radiant heat distribution.  This makes the ETU heaters ideal for high heat loss areas and spot heating applications.

Systems can be common vented for ease of installation or individually vented, whichever is preferred for through-the-roof or sidewall venting.  Sidewall vent capability is up to 75 ft. versus the normal 20 ft. in most competitive units.  A diaphragm air switch on the burner system provides proof of venting before gas flow and ignition.

Easy to assemble, the new ETS/ETU heaters feature a totally enclosed heavy-duty pull-through draft inducer that pulls products of combustion through the heavy-duty calorized aluminized steel combustion chamber for increased radiant efficiency and greater safety.

The draft inducer is permanently lubricated and fan-cooled.  A heavy-duty ball bearing motor also assures maintenance-free operation.  For flexibility, the draft inducer can be rotated 45° or 90° for sidewall venting by simply moving the assembly.  The combustion chamber is totally enclosed and does not have draft hoods.

The unique, unitized design allows lower installation costs, simpler re-arrangement within the facility and less maintenance.  By not being dependent on other heaters in the system, Space-Ray's radiant heaters can also be thermostatically controlled, individually or in groups, for greater operating control of heating requirements.

Unlike forced-air heating which works from the top down, radiant infrared gas heat works from the bottom up, warming people, floors, and machines first for optimum comfort.

For more information on the expanded line of ETS/ETU Low-Intensity Tube Heaters, contact Space-Ray, P. O. Box 36485, Charlotte, N.C. 28236, U.S.A., call toll-free (800) 438-4936, call (704) 372-3485 , FAX is (704) 332-5843 or e-mail  Space-Ray can also be found on the web at