Therma-Fuser™ VAV systems have been saving energy when compared to traditional HVAC systems an average of 15% to 57% since 1978. “The challenge for us has never been about how to save the energy. It’s been about verifying the savings in the design phase,” says Acutherm President, Kurt Herzog.

This challenge is what motivated Acutherm to team up with EnergySoft, developers of EnergyPro energy modeling software; a comprehensive energy analysis program. It is one of only two software packages currently approved for California’s Title-24 (one of the most stringent codes in the world). The software will automatically calculate the loads to ASHRAE 183 and is the only energy modeling program that automatically calculates the baseline building required by ASHRAE 90.1, Title-24 and LEED for comparison of results.

Prior to being built-in to the software, engineers would have to design their own model from scratch. The time savings of this integration is meant to completely change the playing field as it relates to anticipating the energy performance of a building and making adjustments to ensure the best energy efficiency. More details on calculating energy savings can be found at