Honeywell introduced two controllers, WEB-602 and WEB-202, that cut contractor installation time and deliver lower total installed cost to building owners. The new controllers bring the benefits of a Web-enabled building solution to large scale, high density residential buildings, multi-use residential/commercial villages, or multiple retail/restaurant chain stores. The controllers are ideal for managing and controlling energy applications, helping buildings to become more efficient and building owners cut energy costs.

Contractors will benefit from these new controllers because of their unique packaging and design. With onboard I/O and universal power supply housed in an easy-to-mount, easy-to-access stylized chassis, contractors will save installation time since there are fewer individual components to wire and install.

Building owners get a solution that can provide Web-access to their facility. And for those that require the security of power and communications backup, the controllers support an optional backup battery and a wireless GPRS modem.