Ventrol Air Handling Systems, Inc., a CES Group Company, has recently introduced a new 500–20,000 cfm air-handling unit. Rated up to 8-inches static pressure, and available with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® by HUNTAIR®, this unit is ideal for low-height ceiling installations or limited-space equipment rooms.

Key features and benefits include:

·         Removable side panels-provide easy access to internal components, and offer the needed rigidity (deflection L/240 and <1% leakage) to maintain a tight air seal. Two-inch double-wall construction is standard with either fiberglass or foam insulation options for the best thermal bridging protection.
·         Flexible FANWALL TECHNOLOGY-Ventrol offers designers added flexibility in optimizing the fan wheel geometry and motor horsepower for a specific application. The result is smaller, quieter fans and motors, running closer to peak efficiencies, thus reducing energy costs, all while improving system reliability.
·         AHRI Certified™ heating and cooling coils-for verifiable performance, especially critical for LEED® documentation.
·         Insulated and pitched drain pan-aids in the drainage and prevention of contaminates.
·         Factory-wired fans, custom electrical panel, and VFD drive options-for fast installation and start-up, while reducing on-site labor costs.

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