BLYTHEWOOD, SC -Spirax Sarco, Inc., has introduced the MassTracker™ insertion turbine multi-variable flowmeter. This versatile instrument combines measurement of mass or volumetric flow, density, temperature, and pressure in one instrument. Typical applications include flow monitoring of steam and natural gas for fiscal or load control, combustion air, flue gas for environmental compliance, heat content calculations for chilled water and measurement of a variety of other liquids in line sizes from 3 in. to 80 in. (75 mm to 2,000 mm).

Hot-tappability makes possible installation and service without process shutdown. The MassTracker produces a negligible pressure drop, reducing energy and operating costs.

The MassTracker low-mass rotor design is fabricated from one solid block of stainless steel, with no welded joints. There are six field-installable cartridges with different turbine pitches and NIST traceability. This field configuration versatility, plus a wide 25:1 turndown, enable the flow meter to match flow rate precisely.

The MASSTRACKER flow computer incorporates all the “smarts” in a single housing for calculating and transmitting a true, density-compensated mass flow signal. Pending approvals include FM Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D; Classes II, III, Division 2, Groups F and G, NEMA 4X locations, ATEX and CE.