Firespray International has introduced the first no-weld rectangular fire resistant grease duct system for commercial kitchens available in the United States and Canada that is tested and evaluated to ASTM E2336 and UL1978 standards. Based on the company’s highly successful Flamebar BW11 fire rated ductwork system, the innovative solution also fully complies with NFPA 96 requirements.

“To eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming welding, grease duct is finally available in rectangular segments with bolted flanges for on-site assembly using specialized gaskets and sealants,” said Ken Baker, president of Firespray International’s North American operations.

“The no-weld approach enables a rapid installation resulting in major savings on labor costs, with far less fire risk and disruption to jobsite operations,” Baker said. Creating a Flamebar BW11 grease duct joint typically takes 75% less time than a welded joint – about 15 minutes, compared with over an hour for welding.

With its ease of on-site assembly and light weight, Flamebar BW11 has demonstrated advantages in commercial kitchens worldwide for over 25 years, Baker noted. With the grease duct system recently tested to the relevant U.S. standards, London-based Firespray is expanding operations throughout the United States and Canada. Firespray has provided Flamebar BW11 fire resistant ductwork systems in numerous high-profile North American commercial, healthcare and university facilities.

Firespray’s BW11 commercial kitchen extract ductwork is U.S.-made from 20-gauge galvanized sheet steel manufactured to an enhanced standard – creating the lightest weight fire rated kitchen extract ductwork available. After ductwork is degreased, the outside surface is factory sprayed with a specially formulated water-based compound. The ductwork’s smooth internal finish promotes easy cleaning. The ductwork complies with the requirements of the International Mechanical Code (IMC), the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) and NFPA96. It is also highly resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals and mold.