Francois Lemieux, president of Annexair Group, has recently announced the creation of a new company, ecoref, and the construction of a new plant in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada.

This new building will be dedicated in manufacturing a new generation eco-energetic condenser–compressor systems, the AeroMod and AquaMod series. All products assembled in this new facility will have the ecoref brand, whose added value the company sees as an important factor its market position. The company intends the design of these products to combat new ecological challenges, reduce building energy consumption, and follow LEED® philosophy.

To take advantage of the synergy with the Annexair plant, the new facility will be located directly on the adjacent land or on rue Bergeron in Drummondville, Quebec. This plant will open new horizons for the distribution of these products to both U.S. and Canada and international markets that differ from the company's current markets.

The building will include:

• 33,000 sq.ft. total surface, with a 6,000 sq.ft. showroom that will permanently display ecoref and Annexair products;
• contemporary building style with an abundance of natural light, white spaces, and climate control;
• 35’ x 75’ modern climate chamber capable of simulating all possible external climates for unit testing (up to 120°F db / 75°F wb);
• underground 4,000-gal tank for water-source heat pump testing; and
• auditorium accommodating up to 30 people, where LEED® AP+ credits can be obtained.

Starting in June, the company estimates, the new unique showroom and auditorium will be ready to host 2-day training sessions for reps and clients.

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