Goulds Pumpsintroduces the new pre-packaged S-Drive™ Simplex variable-speed pump controller featuring simple wiring, start-up and programming. The controller is pre-packaged in an outdoor NEMA 3R enclosure and is cUL listed to meet Canadian CSA safety standards.

S-Drive was designed for use with both submersible well and above ground centrifugal pumps in irrigation, agriculture and rural water applications, as well as for building water boosters. It’s pre-set for submersible or surface motor characteristics and pre-wired to reduce set-up time.

S-Drive is a true variable frequency controller that adjusts motor speed to match the hydraulic needs of the system in order to maintain pressure - up to 70% energy savings over fixed speed pumps is common. The same drive can be used for either single- or three-phase power and is rated for the higher start-up amps required by higher horsepower submersible pumps.

S-Drive can be used for single-phase 230 Volt input in rural water applications. Its temperature range of -22°F to 122°F provides rugged service in extreme environmental conditions. Applications include:

    Irrigation: The S-Drive can control standard 4" and 6" submersible motors as well as turbine pumps and surface centrifugal pumps up to 30 HP.
  • Rural Water: The S-Drive can automatically compensate for demand variations in rural municipal water systems using submersible or surface boosters.
  • Agriculture: The S-Drive provides a reliable source of water on commercial farms - for livestock, irrigation and cooling water.
  • Building water booster: The S-Drive provides supplemental pressure in commercial buildings up to 10 floors, on a permanent basis or during periods of peak demand.