Agilewaves has announced the release of the Building Optimization System (BOStm) for energy efficiency retrofits in existing buildings.The system provides real time feedback on energy and non-energy resources for built environments.

“Too often there’s a disconnect between the energy modeling done in isolated, one-time commissioning projects, and what really happens in day-to-day building operations,” said Cary Vandenberg, Agilewaves CEO. “Ongoing monitoring is the single best way to tune building performance, and we believe that the foundation of any green retrofit project will be an energy monitoring system. ”

Agilewaves provides a turnkey system featuring a sensor network, robust data store, building optimization engine and customizable dashboard. Alerts provide building managers with real-time information on electricity, water, and gas use at the individual circuit level. The system can also be integrated with building control systems to generate alerts for corrective actions.

The company says the BOS(tm) energy management system is part of the new Existing Buildings Commissioning (EBCx) trend, which goes beyond typical recommissioning efforts with the addition of advanced tools to make building systems perform interactively.