WaterFurnace International, Inc. introduces the HydroZone hydronic tank controller and GeoLink® large flow center. The new HydroZone hydronic tank controller eliminates the need for external control devices when used in conjunction with WaterFurnace GeoTank™. The HydroZone can control and stage Envision NSW, NDW water to water units and Synergy3D products.

A sensor built into geothermal storage tanks enables this flexible new module to control water temperature using one of three strategies: outdoor reset (heating only), tank control (manual), or tank control (auto changeover). With easy menu-driven software and adjustable setpoints and deadbands, the unit can control up to four compressor stages, with the fourth stage configurable as auxiliary heat for the hydronic tank.

The HydroZone controller is designed for easy installation and setup. A lead-lag option for equal run time for each compressor and a warm weather shutdown feature ensure efficient operation and cost savings for the homeowner.

The new GeoLink large flow center provides a compact pumping station with three-way valves for loop flushing. The center includes three speed pumps and features ultra quiet operation as it provides flow rates required by high-demand units, including the WaterFurnace Envision NDW Series hydronic units.

For additional information about the new HydroZone hydronic tank controller and GeoLink large flow center from WaterFurnace, visit www.waterfurnace.com or contact your local WaterFurnace representative.