EXHAUSTO, has released the ADC100 fan control, which replaces the EBC10 control. The new Appliance Draft Control (ADC) 100 is compatible with EXHAUSTO’s existing line of gas-fired chimney and oven fans, including the RS, RSV, GSV and RSIF.

The EXHAUSTO ADC 100 is used to control draft in systems where modulation is not required. It operates a chimney fan or draft inducer at a set speed to create and maintain proper mechanical draft at the outlet of up to two heating appliances. The control provides a signal to single phase fans or to a VFD for systems requiring a three-phase fan. An integrated damper relay allows a damper to be connected directly to the ADC 100.

The ADC100 is a critical component for creating the perfect draft in a fireplace or oven. With gas-fired appliances this is especially important as they can release dangerous gasses if there isn’t enough draft in the flue. In that situation, the ADC100 safety feature shuts the appliance off, eliminating the risk to families, homes and businesses. The ADC100 is also interlocked with the appliance so it pre-purges the chimney prior to starting the appliance and post-purges after it is shut off.