RALEIGH, N.C. - Diversified industrial manufacturerEaton Corporationtoday announced the availability of the IQ 100 electronic power meter series that can perform the work of an entire wall of legacy metering equipment, measuring and displaying real-time information about critical power and energy parameters. The IQ 100 series meters are ideal for utility and commercial metering in established, new or upgraded facilities such as substations, industrial facilities, power generation sites and campuses.

Instead of addressing power monitoring by deploying a variety of analog gauges and meters, this latest technology offers a stark improvement from the patchwork view of legacy meters. Eaton’s IQ 100 series meters meet or exceed industry standards for accuracy at 0.5 percent. With such high-performance measurement capability, these meters are confidently used for primary revenue metering and sub-metering applications.

“With energy costs skyrocketing, customers want the ability to verify the accuracy of utility bills and allocate energy costs among business units, different manufacturing areas or facilities and tenants,” said Dwayne McGrody, product manager, Eaton’s Software and Meters Business Unit. “The self-test features within the IQ 100 models allow users to validate the accuracy of the meter and, in turn, the accuracy of billing from the utility company and to internal customers.”

Eaton’s IQ 100 series meters provide direct-reading metered values for single or three phase applications for the most critical power aspects, such as watts, watt demand, watthours, volt-amperes (VA), VA-hours, vars, varhours and power factor.

The IQ 100 series meters integrate into Eaton’s Power Xpert® Architecture, where meters, gateways and monitoring devices collaborate to create a unified, centralized view of the end-to-end power and facility infrastructure. When used in this architecture and in conjunction with Eaton’s Power Xpert Gateway, IQ 100 meters can provide Web-based graphics of current power conditions.

Additional features and benefits of Eaton’s IQ 100 meter:
  • Easy-to-read LED display module option
  • Local or remote configuration capability
  • Optional communication capabilities