MORTON GROVE, Illinois, November 2, 2009 –Bell & Gossettintroduces its new OPTIFLO™ pressure independent control valve and Circuit Setter® ULTRASET™ pressure independent flow limiting valve. Both the OPTIFLO and ULTRASET feature integrated pressure/temperature ports to easily verify differential pressure and temperatures. The OPTIFLO valve combines an externally field-adjustable automatic balance valve and a full modulating control valve with 100% valve authority. The valve maintains the set flow (+/- 5% of setting) regardless of fluctuations in system pressure; the OPTIFLO valve is available in sizes between ½ to 1 ¼ in., and features:
  • Flow rates from .3 gpm through 13.2 gpm
  • Provides the end user with great flexibility if the system is changed after initial installation
  • Eliminates the need to calculate valve authority, as the innovative combination of the valve and actuator ensures 100% authority at all times.
The Circuit Setter ULTRASET is a field-adjustable automatic flow limiting balance valve featuring an external locking handle that simplifies on-site flow adjustments. The ULTRASET also features:
  • Sizes ranging from ½ in. through 2 in.
  • Field-adjustable flow rates from .18 gpm to 45.46 gpm
  • Easy to adjust on site without tools or replacement parts. Simply adjust the handle to the proper setting
  • Minimized commissioning time due to automatic balancing of the system
Both the Optiflo and the Circuit Setter Ultraset are energy efficient balancing devices that minimize the cost to operate HVAC systems thus making them essential parts of any GREEN building. For more information, contact your local Bell & Gossett Representative or visit the B&G Control Valves website at