Coleman®introduces a new 14.5 SEER heat pump that rounds out the Coleman LX and Comforteer™ Series of mid-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps.

Available in 1.5- to 5-ton capacities, the new heat pump features a heating season performance factor (HSPF) up to 9.0 and is ENERGY STAR® qualified.

“The efficiency features of the new 14.5 SEER LX Series heat pump qualify it for most local utility rebates as well as the new federal tax credit,” said Brian Michael, Coleman brand manager. “To be certain a particular heat pump in the LX Series qualifies, dealers should check the technical guide for the unit.”

The use of R-410A refrigerant minimizes the impact of the new 14.5 SEER heat pump on the environment, as do the unit’s upflow air flow pattern, sound-isolated motor, rigid top panel and cushioned compressor mounts that work together to dampen vibrations and ensure quiet operation.

The 14.5 SEER heat pump includes an accumulator that regulates the differing refrigeration needs of heating and cooling cycles, and a reversing valve regulates the change from cooling to heating. Coated aluminum fins with copper tube coils provide durability and efficient operation, while high-pressure and low-pressure relief valves and a solid core filter drier extend the life of the compressor.

The compact footprint of the LX Series 14.5 SEER heat pump makes it a perfect fit for any installation. Fully exposed refrigerant connections and a single panel covering the electrical controls make for easy servicing of the unit. Secured re-usable service valves are provided on both the liquid and vapor sweat connections for ease of evacuating and charging.