Adding to its extensive line of Mr. Slim cooling and heating products,Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division,has introduced a new horizontal-ducted indoor unit as part of the P-Series product offering; the PEA ducted indoor unit functions as a ceiling or under floor mounted unit.

“These new horizontal-ducted indoor units make it even easier to apply our Mr. Slim systems in a variety of applications where space limitations, location, and exacting design specifications must be considered,” says Chuck Applebee, product manager, Mitsubishi Electric HVAC. “The PEA horizontal-ducted indoor units keep the actual equipment concealed to provide a sleeker look to the application, either in the ceiling or under the floor.”

The new Mr. Slim P-series PEA horizontal-ducted indoor units, available in 12,000 BTU/h cooling only and 12,000 and 18,000 BTU/h heat pump capacities connect to the existing P-Series PUY cooling only or PUZ heat pump outdoor units and offer users another alternative to the versatile P-Series wall-mount, ceiling-suspended and ceiling-recessed ductless indoor units.

Ducted units allow for the use of conventional registers and grills connected to ductwork, which keeps equipment out of sight and further reduces sound due to the barrier effect of ceiling/floor surfaces and insulation materials. In relation to traditional air handlers, the static capacity is relatively low, which assures a limited amount of ductwork will be used, while expanding the size and layout of the zone. It is much more effective to locate the indoor unit close to the zone as refrigerant moves much more efficiently through Linesets than air moves through ductwork,” explains Applebee.

The new PEA indoor units are the perfect fit for smaller applications that need or want the benefits of Mr. Slim systems (such as the INVERTER-driven compressor, long line lengths, total comfort and dry mode) all in a ducted solution. The PEA units work in conjunction with most of the P-Series controllers including the PAR-21MAA Wired Deluxe MA Remote Controller, the PAC Simple MA Remote Controller, and the PAC-SF81 M-NET Adaptor, which allows the P-Series units to connect to the CITY MULTI control network.

The Mr. Slim P-Series delivers flexible and convenient cooling and heating solutions to many commercial, institutional and large residential applications, offering users up to 42,000 Btu/h of cooling or heating performance and a SEER rating of 14.3.