Suitable for commercial and light industrial applications, the TLR-D5P from Vector Controls is a standalone controller, combination base unit and terminal, with one control loop for temperature control in two- and four-pipe HVAC package units. TLR-D5P supports up to three fan speeds, two stages of heating or cooling, fan-only operation, and reversing valves. It includes one internal temperature sensor, one open contact or external temperature sensor input, and five binary outputs. A wide temperature range (-40°F to 158°F) covers diverse applications. Adjustable start and stop delays protect compressors and switching elements. TLR-D5P, with switching power up to 10(6) Amp, has been specifically developed to switch larger fans.

TLR-D5P can be configured precisely for each application through a simple on-board parameter-setting routine. Parameter-setting access levels are available for end-users and experts.

Energy-saving control options with TLR-D5P include economy/comfort-mode setpoint shift, summer/winter compensation, and seven-day time schedules with multiple parameter options. University mode allows manual start with pre-determined settings for rooms occupied intermittently.

Reduce maintenance costs with password-protected access and control parameters, Power-Cap protected real-time clock (no manual clock resets), automatic heat/cool change-over, large back-lit LCD with customized value display, and optional infrared remote control unit.