QA Graphics, a computer graphic developer specializing in building automation graphic design, has reduced the price on its 3D symbol library to better meet the needs of its customers.

The building controls industry can access a complete 3D symbol library at an affordable price, one which is compatible and functions smoothly within most BAS and HVAC software. The pieces and parts library allows customers to maintain their current software but access improved images that provide a competitive edge in today’s industry, as well as a greater selection of more realistic graphics. With over 200 symbols, almost any control system or piece of equipment can be built. The use of the library is unlimited and can be used for an endless number of projects.

The Symbol Library Features:
 · More than 200 symbols with over 80 animations in orthographic view
· Customer 3-letter acronym displayed on major equipment components
· Future proof – created with current design techniques
· Contains a variety of components needed to develop most major mechanical systems
· Represent mechanical control drawings in a schematic, graphical view
· Multiple duct lengths to create any duct run
· Pre-assembled damper configurations
· Symbols for energy efficient equipment (such as under floor units and heat wheels)
· Pre-configured terminal air units that can be expanded upon

To better fit customers’ needs, the library is available at two levels:
· Commercial – Extensive symbol set to create any system graphic ($3,995)
· Lite Commercial – Condensed symbol set to create many system graphics ($1,995)

These prices are per office location. Additional offices can be added for a fee.

The 3D symbol library has been successfully implemented into numerous facilities. QA Graphics can also create additional symbols and custom graphic libraries, with source code ownership available. The company has extensive experience developing control system graphics, and has created custom symbol libraries for several of the industry’s largest building control system manufacturers, which have purchased the distribution rights to provide their system integrators custom graphics with a competitive edge in today’s market, according to the manufacturer.