Exact Logic announces the release of the EXL-1610 BACnet thermostat. This heating and cooling thermostat supports modulating or 2-stage outputs and multiple-speed fan control which can be installed for stand-alone control, also communicating with any BACnet system via standard BACnet objects. Simple to install and operate, the EXL-1610 can be used to operate rooftop units, fancoil units, furnaces, exhaust fans, reheat coils and numerous other HVAC applications.

Attractive in appearance with its modern design, it fits well with the décor in the hospitality industry, office buildings, health care facilities and nearly any other type of building. Intuitive layout easily allows the user to adjust space temperature (with adjustable internal limits), place into an occupied override mode for a desired period of time or access many other features.

The highly-visible backlit LCD display not only displays space temperature, but also the operating mode of the equipment as well as outside air temperature (if provided via the BACnet interface). Relay isolation allows for independent power supply on controlled equipment and built-in anti-cycle timer protects the controlled equipment.

Available options to enhance the functionality and/or save energy are a CO2sensor input to limit fresh air intake based upon occupancy, a return air sensor input for ease of troubleshooting, a remote sensor input which allows the controller to be remotely installed in a secure area and a time clock input option to allow for occupancy scheduling.

The EXL-1610 is also available in a single-stage heat and single stage cooling configuration (EXL-1620). If you are ordering larger quantities ask about customized setpoints and sequences.

The Exact Logic EXL-1610 is a dependable, economical solution to simple stand-alone control or as part of a BACnet EMS system. Visitwww.exactlogic.comfor specification sheets and detailed product and installation information.