CES Group has launched a new product, the CES Group Steam Grid. The CES Group Steam Grid was created following extensive research and development by the CES Group to meet the challenge of controlling indoor humidity levels. This multi-tube steam dispersion system is installed within the humidification section of an air handler to distribute steam over the entire surface of the air handler section, reducing the absorption distance.

The CES Group Steam Grid can be used as a short absorption distributor in pressurized or atmospheric steam applications, whether the steam is generated by a boiler, or an atmospheric steam generator.

Key benefits of the CES Group Steam Grid include:

- Custom grid selection and design-manufactured to customers’ specifications to address specific needs of the application
- No assembly or maintenance-factory assembled using welded stainless steel construction
- Integral nozzle-CES Group Steam Grid uses the flow drilling technology to form the integral nozzles which extract the condensate-free steam from the center of the tubes
- Shortest absorption distance-of all competitive grids, according to the company
- Multi-tube design: single, equally spaced tubes evenly distribute steam into the air stream, and are more cost-effective than single tube distributors or conventional jacketed steam pipe injection systems, says the company
- Factory installation: the humidification system can be factory-installed inside the air handler, complete with piping and controls
- Easy retrofit installation: compact frame allows for easy installation into existing duct systems or inside existing air handlers

For more information, contact Bruce Anderson at 608-783-4629 or via email at banderson@ces-group.com.

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