Sierra Instruments’ Cal=Trak™ XL primary standard gas flow Calibrator for high flows up to 500 slpm is ideal for calibration of gas measuring instruments including mass flowmeters and controllers, Cal=Trak™ XL offers class-leading accuracy of +/- 0.25% of reading. The dimensionally-based primary accuracy of the Cal=Trak™ XL is superior to pressure-based secondary methods and is backed by a rigorous uncertainty analysis.

Like all members of Sierra’s Cal=Trak™ Series, the Cal=Trak™ XL is a primary standard piston prover that operates with the press of a button--assuring end-users the ultimate in calibration accuracy, convenience, ease-of-use and productivity. At 24"W x 30"H x 12"D, Cal=Trak™ XL fits on any laboratory bench replacing large bell provers with one simple, integrated package. It can be used in the manufacture, inspection, validation and recalibration of mass flow controllers, flow meters and many other varieties of flow equipment with flow rates too high for common primary standard devices.

In either manual or automatic operation, Sierra’s Cal=Trak™ XL measures, displays and outputs the flow of gas, either in mass or volumetric units. The menu-driven configuration of the Cal=Trak™ XL allows end-users to customize the calibrator to fit their changing needs.

The single integrated piston chamber of the Cal=Trak™ XL can measure flows from 5 to 500 slpm, over a 100:1 range! Used in conjunction with our other Cal=Trak™ models, a metrology lab can be established capable of calibrating gas flow meters over a very broad range from 5 sccm to 500 slpm for a combined turndown ratio of 10,000:1.

Cal=Trak™ XL arrives complete with Sierra’s Cal=Soft application software. This package downloads the digital output of the calibrator into your PC, storing calibration data in a convenient spreadsheet and allowing Calibration Certificates to be generated automatically.

With hundreds of Cal=Trak™ installations spread across the globe, we have found that most technicians can perform calibrations using Cal=Trak™ with minimal training, so expensive calibration training is never required. The Cal=Trak™ XL is well-suited for applications in many fields where higher flows rates of gas are becoming common: metrology, semiconductor, analytical, medical, pharmaceutical, and quality control among others.

Sierra's Cal=Trak™ Family of Products provides primary NIST traceability, is manufactured under strict ISO 17025 certification, and is CE approved.

Complete technical information is available online atwww.sierrainstruments.comor free of charge from Sierra Instruments, Inc., 5 Harris Court, Building L, Monterey, CA 93940 PH (800) 866-0200, FX (831) 373-4402.