Lochinvar Corporationis expanding its line of high-efficiency ARMOR Water Heaters with the introduction of three new models. Now available with inputs ranging from 150,000 to 800,000 Btuh, the industry-leading ARMOR is the ideal choice for commercial applications of any size. Offering the same proven design and advanced technology, ARMOR features a stainless steel heat exchanger, 5:1 modulating turndown and Lochinvar’s SMART SYSTEM™ operating control. Designed to be installed with a separate storage tank, ARMOR also eliminates many potential problems encountered with traditional tank-type water heaters.

With its unique design, ARMOR protects against the harmful effects of lime scale buildup, which can cause a traditional heater to fail in as little as two to five years and substantially increase operating costs. Since ARMOR heats the water and then deposits it in an unfired storage tank, lime scale buildup does not impair the heat transfer efficiency. Equipped with a fully modulating 5:1 turndown burner, ARMOR can fire as low as 20% of maximum input and, depending on demand, smoothly modulate up to 100%. The 5:1 turndown, coupled with up to 98% thermal efficiency, allows ARMOR to eliminate wasted fuel and reduce operating costs to an absolute minimum.

Proven to be highly successful for maximizing hot water delivery, Lochinvar’s SMART SYSTEM™ control includes a built-in cascading sequencer for installations using up to eight water heaters. This exclusive feature ensures optimum performance and efficiency by precisely modulating firing rates from minimum-demand situations when only one water heater is required at 20% of rated input to full-on 100% firing of up to eight units. With the addition of the larger ARMOR models, this allows for inputs up to 6.4 million Btuh.

As with the smaller sizes, the three new ARMOR models (600,000, 700,000, and 800,000 Btuh) can be vented using inexpensive PVC or CPVC pipe and permits direct-vent distances up to 100 ft for both combustion air and vent runs.