REHAU’s RAUPANEL system is a lightweight, efficient, and easy-to-install radiant heating system that is ideal for retrofit and new construction applications.

Consisting of REHAU’s 3/8-inch RAUPEX® cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe, aluminum panels and wood return bends, the system’s low 5/8-in. profile has minimal impact on overall floor height. Its lighter weight aids in reducing installation time by eliminating the need for added structural support. Job site preparation and installation time are further lessened as the system does not require the overpour often used for radiant systems.

Featuring an aluminum-intensive construction, the RAUPANEL system provides excellent heat transfer characteristics, allowing for reduced water temperatures and more efficient operation. In addition, its relatively low thermal mass equates to quicker response times.

The RAUPANEL system provides a quick and effective method of installing radiant heating over concrete slabs and new or existing subfloors. Flexible pipe spacing (6 or 8 in. on-center) makes it well-suited for a variety of installations. The system is compatible with many commonly used floor coverings.