Turbotec Products, Inc., a producer of heat exchangers, announces the development of the Enviro-Temp Savings Calculator. Enviro-Temp is a commercial heat recovery system which recycles waste heat to generate hot water from the air conditioner or refrigeration system. The Savings Calculator is a sophisticated application capable of precise calculations with the capability for the user to input hot water usage, including gallons per day, entering water temperature and the hot water setpoint, various types of refrigerant, including R410a, average run time, length of the cooling season, various fuels currently used to heat water, fuel cost, and installation cost.

This information generates a report which not only calculates your use and savings, it also calculates your return on investment (ROI).

The Enviro-Temp Savings Calculator is available at the company website, where the application can be easily loaded to one’s desktop for immediate use.

For additional information, contact Turbotec at (860) 731-4212, (800 394-1633 outside of Conn.) or visit us on the web atwww.turbotecproducts.com.