Cleaver-Brooks has opened an assembly facility in Shenzhen, China. The new facility will enable Cleaver-Brooks’ product group, C-B Package Boiler, to expand its sales in the Chinese market by offering environmentally friendly boiler technologies.

Effective immediately, Cleaver-Brooks Boilers (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. will be offering the Model 4WI firetube boiler, which is designed for industrial applications. The boiler is a 4-pass wetback design (100 - 800HP) for steam or hot water, offering a compact footprint, optimized shell & furnace, and the Cleaver-Brooks  integral burner design that allows for multiple-fuel firing and various Low NOx options.

“This new facility presents a great opportunity for C-B Package Boiler to share our advanced technologies in a country that is beginning to address an array of environmental issues,” said Earle Pfefferkorn, president of C-B Package Boiler. “Our eco-friendly boilers will help Chinese manufacturers reduce emissions, helping to decrease air pollution, while promoting energy efficiency. We are extremely excited about the Chinese market and the opportunities for this new venture.”

Cleaver-Brooks has been selling boilers in China since the early 1980s through its global distribution network. The new location will operate from an 8,500-square-foot facility, which will enable Cleaver-Brooks to offer its customers a more competitively priced product with reduced lead times.