Bradford White Water Heaters recently introduced 14 new indirect solar water heating units, increasing the company's offerings in the solar category to a total of 32 models.

The 14 new water heaters include six EcoStor2 SC double-wall, single-coil gas backup models; six EcoStor2 SC double-wall, single-coil TTW gas backup models; and two EcoStor2 SC double-wall, single-coil Eco-Defender gas backup models.

"Essentially, we believe the water heater market will move from high input like tankless, to low input with high storage such as solar, heat pump, and even geothermal," said Fred Vattimo, Bradford White director of corporate advertising. "We have a large selection of solar tanks available and will provide solar packages in the future. That simple plug-and-play type system makes solar available to a larger contractor base and makes them feel comfortable installing the product."

Earlier this year, the company brought to market six EcoStor2 SC double-wall, single-coil electric backup models. This followed the release of nine new models in 2008 which included six EcoStor SC single-wall, single-coil electric backup models and three EcoStor DC dual-coil heat exchanger backup models.