Engineered Software, Inc. announced today the availability of the newest release of PIPE-FLO® Professional 2009 software program.

The PIPE-FLO product line is used by designers and operators to gain a clear picture of their fluid piping systems. The program allows users to visualize their systems in a familiar format, calculate system operations, easily communicate the design with others, and access supporting documents in electronic format. PIPE-FLO is different from other software of this type because of the integration with the pump selection tool PUMP-FLO™. This allows system designers to specify and select exactly which pump would work best in their piping system from over 100 actual pump manufacturer catalogs.

New features include:
  • Operating Cost Calculator – Users can calculate and compare the operating costs of various pumps for any configuration or lineup.
  • Control Valve Rapid Entry – Users can generate complete characteristic curve data from a single flow coefficient and valve position by selecting from a list of valve design and flow characteristics.
  • Valve Operation Controls – Automatically change control valves from a set flow rate to the calculated manual position for easier lineup creation.
  • Atmospheric Pressure Calculator – Calculates the atmospheric pressure at any specific elevation.
  • More fluids added to the MKS Fluids Compilation list providing physical properties for over 700 gases and liquids.
  • FLO-Sheet Improvements – Place any number of background images or logos on the FLO-Sheet for personalization.
  • Report Improvements – Add an image or logo to the top of the printed reports for a personal touch.
  • Presentation Mode – Displays the FLO-Sheet with a white background for enhanced viewing.
  • Copy and Paste Improvements – Use the standard shortcut keys (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) in the PIPE-FLO program for quick copy and pasting.
  • New Device Symbols – Seven new tank and component symbols are available to choose from.
--Engineered Software, Inc.