Continental Fan’s newly redesigned TCD BC Airfoil Blower is a precision balanced air-moving device that features optimal performance and smoothness.

TCD Blowers feature TEK backward curved airfoil wheels, manufactured of glass-reinforced polyamide and are stronger than a comparable steel wheel at the weight.

Continental Fan can also provide OEM customers with 3-D models and custom fan designs that are quiet, efficient and performance driven.
FEATURES and benefits include:
  • Highly efficient airfoil (BCA) design
  • Direct drive, non-overloading TEK impeller
  • Epoxy coated steel housing
  • Flanged and drilled outlet, ABS inlet cone
  • Single or three phase TEFC motors
  • CW rotation; rotatable to 5 positions
  • Compact design, rugged construction
  • Capacities to 4,500 cfm
Continental Fan