AERCO introduces the SmartPlate line of water-to-water heaters that help reduce system energy costs by utilizing brazed plate-and-frame designs suited for use with high-efficiency condensing boilers. Capable of supporting up to 90 gpm domestic loads at a 100° F rise, these fully packaged, instantaneous heaters incorporate real-time load tracking capabilities and responsive controls to maintain accurate hot water temperatures under diversified load patterns common in commercial and institutional applications.

Available in both brazed-plate, single wall and plate-and-frame, double wall configurations, all SmartPlate water heaters incorporate a PID temperature controller and a high turndown, electronic control valve to maintain outstanding ±2° F temperature control when operated under constant load conditions with variances held to ±4° F under normal load changes. AERCO’s state-of-the-art controls package also supports remote monitoring and easy integration with building automation system (BAS) software via Modbus communications protocol.

While SmartPlate heaters can be paired with any hydronic boiler in a domestic hot water (DHW) application, the line is especially well suited for use with today’s condensing boilers. The units can utilize boiler water as little as 5° F above the required potable water temperature to yield system-wide energy savings. Specifically, such a system design will minimize radiation losses while also helping drive the low return water temperatures within the boiler loop to maximize the opportunity to operate the boilers in high-efficiency, condensing mode.