Munters Moisture Control Services (MCS), the water-damage recovery company that helped restore the Pentagon after 9/11 and the New Orleans SuperDome plus numerous other businesses and facilities after Hurricane Katrina, now offers emergency fire and water damage restoration services to the residential and “main street commercial” segments in the Philadelphia and Baltimore markets.

“Munters has been performing restoration and recovery services in the commercial and industrial markets in the U.S. for decades, working for the insurance industry and corporate risk managers and using its patented desiccant dehumidification technology to help in recovery efforts,” said Lauren Reid, president of area Americas and Asia for Munters MCS.

“Munters has long been recognized for its leadership in drying technology, responsiveness and innovation in the large commercial and industrial segments,” said Jack Boyd, national business development manager for Munters MCS. “We’ve made investments in personnel and equipment in Philadelphia and Baltimore to implement this initiative and have an extensive local residential delivery system in place. And because our branch is company owned and not a franchise system, we have better control of the day-to-day operations and customer service.

“We are the only restoration company that has achieved the ISO 9000 accreditation for its quality systems in the world,” Boyd added.

Munters’ complete offering of water damage and fire restoration services includes the extraction and pumping of water, sanitation and additional services to get the house or facility ready for re-occupancy or business, the removal of smoke and soot contamination in homes, total contents and structure cleaning, deodorization, odor control and demolition and debris removal. Total contents and structure cleaning includes wall, ceiling and floor surfaces; furniture; and fixtures, and includes special items such as building exteriors, electronic equipment and documents that have sustained water damage.

Mold remediation services include the necessary cleaning activities to address the mold causing source such as deactivation of the HVAC system, removal of infected materials, and application of cleaning materials to deter future mold growth.

Munters expects to move into the residential and small claims marketplace in additional markets over the next several years. “Entering the residential and small claims market will better position us to respond to our customers’ needs,” added Boyd.