Semaphore, a CSE Global company, has introduced an intelligent, ultra-low power, wireless monitor that comprises a fully integrated solution for management of remote assets and processes. T-BOX WM extends advanced monitoring, automation and telemetry capabilities to installations requiring as few as one or two measurements.

The T-BOX Wireless Monitor is meant to be ideal for decentralized SCADA system applications, such as infrastructure management and mobile asset management, where its push and Web technologies enable high-performance yet economical implementation and operation. T-BOX WM provides users real-time access to alarms, live information and historical data, anytime, anywhere, through a standard Web browser. Since T-BOX WM also supports e-mail and SMS text messaging, personnel can be kept fully up-to-date using a cell phone or PDA.

Designed for locations which lack a power source, T-BOX WM employs intelligent power management to allow operation using a small lithium battery. This ready-to-install solution is available in a variety of enclosures, such as an IP66 weatherproof housing, with internal single or dual lithium battery, and a communications device. The redundant battery significantly reduces risk of failure -- and necessity for a site visit -- due to battery drain.

To reach all, point-of-use locations, T-BOX WM is available with a variety of wireless communications devices, including GSM cellular, CDMA cellular and spread spectrum radios. For landline telephone networks, a PSTN modem is also available.