New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc., a renewable fuels provider, today announced that Cleaver-Brooks, manufacturer of industrial and commercial boilers, has successfully conducted a series of test burns of New Generation Biofuels' proprietary biofuel in an NTI Ultra Low NOx burner. Taking place at the Cleaver-Brooks Milwaukee R&D laboratory, the tests verified the biofuel as a compatible fuel source for Cleaver-Brooks boilers.

New Generation Biofuels sees the test as underscoring its ability to reduce Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) emissions by up to 30% and to virtually eliminate Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) when compared to ultra low-sulfur fuel oil.

 “The favorable result of the test burn conducted with New Generation Biofuels is a positive step for the industry,” said Steve Connor, Marketing Services Director of Cleaver-Brooks. “In testing the biofuel, we were pleased to find a fuel that was not only renewable but also showed desirable emissions performance, which New Generation Biofuels does. As a bonus, the switch to New Generation Biofuels was a simple process.”