Blue Ridge Technologies, a privately-held company based in North Georgia, announced its technology partnership with Automated Logic Corporation. Through this technology partnership, Blue Ridge Technologies acquires Lx5 and Lx6 platforms from Automated Logic and will develop advanced lighting applications around these platforms. Blue Ridge Technologies hash begun manufacturing all existing Lumisys products at the company’s corporate headquarters in Marietta, GA. Blue Ridge Technologies will warranty all Lumisys-branded products and will manufacture and market new lighting products under the Blue Ridge Technologies brand.

Blue Ridge Technologies was formed by Lumisys executives to better serve the broader lighting control and engineered solutions market. “We are bringing together the best people and best technologies to help transform how green and intelligent buildings perform on day 1, day 1001, and day 10001,” said Blue Ridge Technologies President, Bill Dunkleberger. “To achieve this goal, we must focus on excellence of both product quality and customer service immediately, and invest significantly in research and development of future solutions.” Ron Poskevich, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Blue Ridge Technologies said “Lumisys’ leadership in the integrated lighting control industry was the result of its superior technology and forward-thinking people. We will continue that leadership at Blue Ridge.”