Echelon Corporation has launched LonWorks' 2.0 platform, the next generation platform of control networks and products that make it more cost effective than ever to build everyday devices in buildings, factories, city infrastructure, homes and other applications that are smart, connected, and energy aware. This new platform utilizes the latest technology in improving the speed, power, and cost-effectiveness of systems designed to deliver smarter, more convenient environments for work, play, and living while simultaneously lowering energy use.

The LonWorks 2.0 platform brings a new level of performance and simplified installation to control networks based on the ISO/IEC 14908 body of standards and is fully compatible with the millions of intelligent LonWorks devices already deployed worldwide.

LonWorks 2.0 based products will accelerate the move to smart networks and products that are energy aware that has been pioneered by companies that have built control applications on the existing LonWorks platform, according to the company.

The company says the immediate beneficiary of the initial set of LonWorks 2.0 products will be the commercial building sector -- a key energy consuming sector that by some estimates consume as much as 50% of United States' total electricity generation. The expected impact is likely to be on systems for small buildings and the efficiency retrofit market.

Small buildings comprise over 98% of the commercial building market and almost uniformly lack sophisticated control systems or energy response capabilities. Within the large building market, a call for improved efficiency is expected to accelerate the demand for greater levels of control and accountability for energy incentive programs, reports the company.