The Junior Series represents a venerable line of customizable air handling units from Change’Air Products & Services specifically designed for school classroom ventilation and heating and cooling needs. In particular, the Junior Series offers packaged air conditioning with R410A refrigerant. Now, the Junior Series is also offered with a Raised Intake (RI) design.

This design was created for applications with wall openings above 36.” The resulting installation eliminates the need for costly accessories when the exterior louver cannot be installed at ground level.

Change’Air offers the Junior RI model in an “E” sized cabiet (98”h X 48.5”w X 30.5”d) with supply air capacities from 900 to 200 cfm.  The design includes 2-stage compressors, 3-5 ton cooling, integral power relief fan, and a statically balanced damper system. Options include an energy recovery wheel, electric or hot water heating, and hot-gas reheat.

 The Junior RI conforms to SEER 13 requirements and is the most efficient alternative for packaged cooling to classrooms, according to the manufacturer.