BACnet® International’s PlugFest 2008, the industry’s leading workshop for companies to perform interoperability testing for their BACnet®-enabled solutions, will take place October 7-9 in St. Paul, Minnesota. As the ninth annual interoperability workshop, the event is expected to be the largest to date, with participation from over 100 engineers from over 30 different companies, representing 6 different countries.

Plugfest appeals to engineers as an opportunity to test their solutions in a vendor neutral and friendly environment with other community members. More information about Plugfest 2008, including vendor applications, registration details, requests for topics and other logistics, can be foundhere.

Mark Weldy, Vice President and Business Leader, Trane Global Controls, discussed their sponsorship of the event, “As part of our commitment to making buildings better, Trane is pleased to sponsor PlugFest 2008. We believe open, standard protocols are a best practice to deliver the integrated solutions demanded by building professionals.” Mr. Weldy continued, “This hands-on conference will help industry participants develop interoperable products that share data more robustly and reliably and combine seamlessly into high performance systems. Fall 2008 marks Trane’s 30th anniversary in controls, and we are excited about the further progress that this BACnet® International PlugFest event can foster.”

Andy McMillan, President of BACnet® International and President/CEO of Teletrol Systems, commented on Plugfest 2008, “By creating a co-operative and neutral forum for vendors to improve product interoperability, we believe everyone wins. Participating vendors get more innovative solutions in the hands of their customers more quickly, and BACnet® International and its members improve their testing methods, and ultimately their products.”

Plugfest 2008 will take place at the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul. Any company with a BACnet® product that is released or at beta level of maturity is eligible to participate. BACnet® International members may participate at a discounted fee or free of charge, depending on their level of involvement.