ICM Controls' CC750 Comfort  Control Center is an advanced motor speed control that promotes effective humidity control in residential and small commercial settings for enhanced comfort and improved IAQ –- all with the added benefit of reduced energy costs, says the manufacturer.
When connected to your existing single-phase air conditioner or heat pump system, the CC750 is built to offer advanced air moisture removal and control, resulting in drier, more comfortable conditions, even during long spells of humidity. Its defaults can be easily customized using its menu-driven programming screens to meet specific conditions unique to each installation.

By creating drier conditions, the user benefits by being able to raise the set point temperature on their thermostat without sacrificing comfort. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, for every two degrees that you raise your thermostat setpoint in the summer, you can save 5-7% on your summer cooling bill. Additionally, by slowing down the fan motor speed by as much as 75%, the CC750 dramatically reduces energy consumption that can lead to even greater energy savings, according to the manufacturer.

When coupled with other advanced programming features built into the CC750, being able to control the motor speed can also greatly reduce fan noise for overall quieter system operation.

This stand-alone device will take an HVAC contractor about 60 to 90 minutes to install and configure properly. It is available through your local distribution channels.