Distech Controls has joined 15 other promoter members to found the EnOcean Alliance, a global consortium of companies working to further develop and promote self-powered wireless monitoring and control products for sustainable buildings.

Distech Controls was the first building automation manufacturer to offer a turnkey, commercially available wireless solution, based on EnOcean’s wireless battery-free technology. The wireless technology is powered by energy drawn from movement, light, or even changes in temperature rather than batteries. This harvested energy is used for transmitting sensor data over a distance of up to 30 meters within a building, to control and detect conditions related to lighting, blinds, occupancy, humidity, heating, or A/C without the need for cabling.

In addition to its eco-friendliness, the technology is easily installed and maintenance-free, ensuring unparalleled flexibility at the lowest investment and operational cost for sustainable buildings. Distech Controls offers a variety of wireless battery-less sensors, switches and other devices, and has integrated the wireless receiver on its controllers, allowing for the seamless addition of a wireless sensing solution in new and retrofit buildings. As a promoter member, Distech Controls holds one seat on the board of directors.

"The EnOcean Alliance represents an important platform for promoting and enabling intelligent green building solutions" said Etienne Veilleux, president and CEO of Distech Controls "As a building automation solutions provider, we feel it is essential to promote this truly innovative technology that has yet to be exploited at its fullest potential. It provides both a commercially viable and profitable solution for building owners and managers concerned with the impact of their buildings on the environment."

By educating business and consumers on the benefits and applications of interoperable wireless products and by promoting the existence of a broad range of products, the alliance wishes to establish EnOcean wireless technology as a wireless standard and as a leading platform for the green buildings industry.

The EnOcean Alliance was officially launched in Europe in April during the Light + Building Show in Frankfurt, Germany and in North America at the Light Fair in Las Vegas, on May 29, 2008.

For more information, visit  www.distech-controls.com and/or www.enocean-alliance.org.