Lynxspring Inc. and Corrigo Inc. announced a strategic alliance that will enable the two companies to collaborate on an event-driven alarm handling and work order management application, using existing technology from both companies.

Lynxspring’s Internet control products will receive alarms generated by almost any BAS and render those alarms into a format usable by Corrigo’s work order management system. The Corrigo system can then automatically issue work orders and dispatch service personnel to address problems in the HVACR or lighting systems of the building.

“The integration of these systems represents a major evolution in the concept of building automation,” said Rick Michaux, chief strategy officer of Corrigo. “It is exciting to have the value discussion move from monitoring single systems to integrating multiple systems to layering on Corrigo, a best of class work order system that provides for catching alerts, generating work orders, appropriate responses to them and tracking and reporting on the entire life cycle of the asset.”

Lynxspring and Corrigo expect this alliance to result in greater market share for both companies by providing a holistic solution to the complex problems related to work order generation, tracking and management within a building automation framework. The alliance will allow each company to focus on core competencies while expanding their value add and market reach.

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